I designed this custom bed for a client of Piechota Architecture who wanted a wave-inspired bed frame that also functioned as a desk on the other side. The client wanted this fluid form to be articulated by shaped wooden planks, as shown. These planks, which are to be connected by a hidden rod, have 1/4" gaps between them. 
The Watersun Bed is the only piece of furniture I have designed, and proved to be much more time consuming than I had imagined. The iterative nature by which I made subtle modifications and presented them to the client made for a long timeline, but ultimately resulted in a product that I felt to be truly finished. 
I designed the "wave-bed" parametrically in Grasshopper so as to make it more adaptable to the client's adjustments. Through this process, I discovered a passion for parametric design that has shaped the path within architecture I now am pursuing.
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